I just finished the book Push by Sapphire. I am so thankful to Oprah for bringing this book to the forefront. It opened up a door to a world that seems so far from any reality that I have ever imagined. The sad part is that it is not make believe. It is not fiction for some it is their reality. I highly recommend if you would like to see the movie Precious as well as read the novel it is best that you see the movie first. I know that this is a bit backwards as you normally would read the book first but to be honest reading the book prior to would ruin the movie experience for you. The movie is awesome but some things were altered and changed around to make it more cohesive on the big screen. Also the events are made a bit easier to swallow in the movie and the book gives a harder picture of the life that Precious had to lead.

This was a quick read and a book that I recommend highly. It is not for the squeamish and is a definite eye opener to the hardships that incest can cause a child and that child’s future children.