I just went to see New Moon last night and fell in love all over again. What teenage girl wouldn’t be completely blown out of her mind with the things that Edward says. I totally understand her 3 month depression. I was so sucked into to that intense glare and poetic tone I almost felt as if I’d been glamored. It was a great movie I would be so much more caught up if I were like 16 years old. I am kind of glad this movie did not come out when I was a teenager because I would be so obsessed with Edward and out trying to find a Vampire of my own to save me and excite my life.

I hands down recommend this movie and am so happy that the next edition is coming out in June of next year. I like how they aren’t making us wait so long in between movies unlike Harry Potter and his crew. If you want to fall in love with a pale faced dark and semi-handsome 109 year old teenager then this movie is for you. It gave me just enough action, suspense, and romance. Triple threat. 🙂