I went to see Avatar at the IMAX last night. This is not a movie it is a experience. I had a spiritual awakening during and after this movie. It is a must see it will make you think about issues such as our relationships with god, each other, and the planet. I learned from watching this movie that there is no way that God created us to rule over this earth the way that we have. Yes we were given dominion over all the living things here but we don’t treat it the right way. God didn’t give us this earth for us to rape and disrespect it. Just as he has loving dominion over us we should do the same for the gifts he has given us. The earth is one of those gifts.
I left this movie feeling that God lives in your heart and there is the place where you connect with him. The most important place of worship is in your heart and soul and buildings or earthly things associated with that worship are irrelevant. It is just a physical place with no soul.
I felt for the all people/ethnic groups who have been misunderstood and abused due to the greed and ignorance of others. I could just go on and on. This movie has a great a story line, is nteresting, and had me on the edge of my seat.

You must see Avatar!!!!!