Yummy, Yum, Yum is all I can say about this recipe.  I happened upon it like I do most of our nightly meals(by accident).  And also, like most of the meals I post here this was super easy. 


4 Salmon Filets

1 red onion(chopped)

2 zucchini (sliced)

3/4 cups of teriyaki Sauce

Dash of salt and pepper to taste



I pre-make this and store it in a plastic bag inside our freezer until I am ready to cook it.  You can also make it fresh.  Coat a large non stick pan with Pam.  Turn the burner on medium high and pour in the teriyaki sauce.  Place in the salmon fillets then sprinkle them with the salt and pepper.  Sear the fish for about 4 minutes then pour in your veggies.  Let it cook rotating the ingredients around every 2 minutes or so until the fish is fully cooked and the veggies are tender.

FYI- if you are going to freeze it to cook later you would simply place all the ingredients into a freezer bag and when you are ready to cook it let it thaw out.  Place all the thawed ingredients into a pan that has been coated with Pam.