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Can’t wait to try this!!!!

Putney Farm

It’s traditional in the south to serve slow-cooked, smoky collard greens to celebrate the New Year, and we are all for it. But frankly, collards are so good, we enjoy them any time we can get them. Here in California, that usually means winter after a frost. And while we have had almost no winter rains so far, it has gotten cold enough that we saw some collards at the farmers market. We bought a big batch, cooked them up for the New Years and are still enjoying them. We never seem to get enough greens.

collards2colards3collards4Unfamiliar with collard greens? Basically a forerunner of kale (and in the same family) collards are big leafy greens with larger, rounder leaves than kale and with a bigger, earthier flavor. The main differences (that we know of) is that collards need to cook longer than most types of kale and loses its color…

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I pulled this together before work by using 2tbsp of each spice into a freezer bag with the chicken, marinade, and grill!




On most days this the breakfast I prepare for me and the fiancé. It is quick and very easy. Unless I have been working out really hard it keeps me full till lunch. On occasion I will have a morning snack after this breakfast.
Egg whites
Turkey bacon






I needed to get my weekly meal routine under control so I decided to pull out my crockpot and make it happen. After doing some reading on various blogs I made my shopping list and hightailed it to Walmart.

Teriyaki Chicken



*split everything to makes two bags
4 chicken breast
0.5 lbs of baby carrots
2 red onions
1 can of pineapple sections
6 cloves of garlic
14 shakes of red pepper( per bag)
3/4 cup Regular Teriyaki Sauce(per bag)
1/4 cup Sweet Onion Teriyaki ( per bag)
* you can add more or less of each sauce depending on your taste*




*put one meal bag in the freezer for later

1. Chop up the garlic and onion then spray pam around the insided of your crockpot
2. Set your pot for 4 hours or 8 hours
3. Combine all ingredients in the crockpot
4. Stir occasionally and serve after chicken is cooked completely.

My boo loved this dish!

I have been having issues with cracking and dry lips.  After some reasearch I have found that my lips need sunscreen and that my lips are being damaged by all the cheap lip gloss I have been using.  I made the switch lip balms and now find the pink color returning to my lips.  The cracking and constant need to lick my lips vanished. 
There are so many balm options out there but the one I love the most is the new revlon balm. It has great color and a natural shine. It is definately worth a try!

I have been wanting to take up the art of knitting for a while now. I started my first project a few weeks ago and it is going well. I am working on a scarf to go with a coat I bought in November. It appears to be going pretty well and I even got a compliment from my grandma on my craftsmanship during Christmas.

If this goes well which I think it will I am going to begin on a matching hat!

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